4 Main Reasons Why Asians Get Double Eyelid Surgery


Asians typically have a monolid, or an eyelid shape, that doesn’t have a crease. If you have this unique facial feature, it can help you set yourself apart from others. However, while beauty comes in many shapes and sizes, you may want to have an eyelid crease. It may improve your eye shape, making your eyes look bigger and brighter. It may even enhance the overall appearance of your face. One effective way to do this is to undergo double eyelid surgery. 

At present, many Asians choose to have double eyelids other than for aesthetic purposes. Here are several reasons why they are motivated to have double eyelid surgery:

Address ptosis

People normally open their eyes without any difficulty and strain. Since it is an automatic response from the brain, you may not even realize that you are straining your eyes to keep them open. Continued straining can lead to tension on your eyes and head and develop forehead creases and wrinkles.

If you feel like you need to force your eyes for them to stay open, you may be suffering from ptosis, a medical condition that causes you to have weak eyelids. One way to tell if you have this condition is to check if your eyelid position is lower than normal, making your one eye appear tired, then the other half-open. 

Aside from making you look sleepy and exhausted all the time, ptosis can make your eyelids interfere with your vision due to the lower eyelid position toward your pupil. You may instinctually have to raise your eyelids to see clearly. 

If you’re planning to address your ptosis by getting double eyelid surgery, remember that your condition requires ptosis correction surgery as well. It can reduce the risk of complications and unfavourable aesthetic results.

Avoid irritation from downward-pointing eyelashes

Some Asians with monolids have downward-pointing eyelashes that can irritate their cornea and cause sharp pain. This is because their eyelids force their upper eyelashes to aim downward into their eyes. 

If you are suffering from this kind of irritation due to your eyelashes, getting double eyelid surgery may be your best option. During the procedure, the excess skin will be removed, and a fold will be made to the muscle that elevates the eye, which will make your eyelashes point forward rather than downward.

Improve your facial harmony

Your eyes are the most defining characteristics of your face. To improve your facial harmony and create a better balance with your other facial features, you may undergo double eyelid surgery. You can also enjoy having a youthful appearance because it reduces the skin near your eyes.

Add a fold to the upper eyelids

Applying eye makeup to monolids can be more challenging since you don’t have a natural upper eyelid fold. If you want to explore various makeup styles and achieve your desired look easier, consider getting double eyelid surgery. 


There is nothing medically wrong with having single eyelids. But if you feel that adding a crease to them is your best option for you to enhance your physical features and boost your self-confidence, then don’t hesitate to head to our trusted aesthetic clinic to get double eyelid surgery. Assess the reason why you are undergoing the procedure and consult a reliable professional to guarantee desirable results.

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