6 ways to achieve a slimmer V shape face


The desire for a more chiseled face is not a new thing is the aesthetic industry , we have hundreds of clients that has came to us for that ,  in Asia , specifically Malaysia where we are situated , the demand is notably higher . Given that the Asian population tend to have more rounded or square-shaped faces , mainly due to the genetic predisposition from our ancestors therefore  it’s common for people to want to sculpt their jawline into an oval- or V-shape for a sharper look. There are a few options that we offer at our clinic , for completion purposes , i will include those remedies you can try out prior to visiting us 😉 . That said , here is 6 ways you can try !

1. Change your hair style

A haircut is the quickest and most low-maintenance way to achieve the illusion of a more tapered looking V shape. Requesting for a long layered bangs that sweep your cheekbones will keep your wide forehead and puffy cheeks hidden  . Basically, it’s all about getting a style that’ll frame your face best! Therefore creating the illusion of a more V shape facial profile . 

2. Jaw Line exercises

There are numerous groups of muscle on our faces responsible for chewing and facial expression. Over doing it might cause hyperthrophy and backfire . Just the right amount of facial exercising can ensure that the muscles in your face remain firm, which in turn support your skin and prevent sagging. The counter action motion and functions through these muscles can also help counteract wrinkles.

With more than 13 million views on youtube , , check out this Jawline exercise brought to you by Stylecraze Fitness. As they always say do everything in moderation . 

3.Make ups .

Contouring and highlights added by means of makeup will refocus light on the center of your face and make it appear narrower!  How you should contour depends on your face shape, but if it’s a V-shaped look you want to achieve, pay more attention to your cheek and jaw contour. If you have a square-shaped face, contour the edge of your jawline to soften the sharp angle there. For the round-faced, contour along your jawline and underneath your chin to sharpen that area. 
Don’t mind the long video below , it shows the POWER of make up . That said , its a temporary fix and you will loose the shape and contouring at the beach or when you take a dive into the pool . 

3. Jawline botulinum & filler injection

Lets dive deeper in to a more practical approaches for a faster and visible results  .
Botulinum toxin
A US FDA-approved treatment for forehead wrinkles, Botulinum Toxin can also be used to slim down the jaw effectively. Botulinum Toxin jaw reduction is a nonsurgical way to taper a prominent jawline or soften a rectangular face which is a preferred alternative to traditonal jaw reduction surgery. The procedure results in a slimmer jawline and a more attractive facial contour.

Having a Botulinum Toxin injection is also more affordable than having a jaw reduction surgery. Furthermore, it requires no downtime so patients can return to their daily routines immediately after the procedure.

Botulinum Toxin Jaw Reduction: How it Works and What to Expect

A prominent jawline is mainly due to enlarged masseter muscles. Botulinum Toxin can address this concern by relaxing and shrinking these muscles. In Cleo Clinic, Botulinum Toxin is carefully injected at each side of the jaw to reduce and enhance the appearance of a wide or square face, providing a noticeable slimming and softening effect that helps create an attractive V-shaped facial profile.

During the procedure, which can be completed in as little as 10 minutes, your doctor will inject the product into your masseter muscles and once injected, Botulinum Toxin will block the activity of the said muscles, eventually causing them to relax (usually within first 3-4 days onwards). The desired outcomes such as visible enhancement and slimming of the jawline can be expected one to two weeks after the treatment.

Since a nonsurgical facelift treatment like Botulinum Toxin jaw reduction requires no downtime, you may resume your daily activities immediately. Botulinum Toxin side effects such as bruising or redness of the treatment area usually subside on their own in a day or two.

This treatment is ideal for someone who has a squarish face shape or squarish jawline. We use specific muscle relaxant substance to relax the masseter muscle (chewing muscle), so that it will shrink over time to define the lower half of the face, resulting in a V-shape appearance.

Dermal fillers are mostly made up of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the body. It is used to re-volumize or re-contouring the facial shape. By injecting hyaluronic acid fillers we can redefine the angle of your cheeks towards the golden ratio ,this results in the appearance of higher cheekbones which gives you a naturally youthful look rather than an unnatural blown up puffy face.

Depending on your original facial shape, your doctor may recommend dermal fillers to be used in the chin area to reshape it creating an enhanced V-shape and facial contour. This procedure takes 5 – 10 minutes, and are administered utilizing a special injection technique that requires fewer injection points.

 Using an injectable gel to augment your chin and correct profile deformities for achieving the desired V-shaped face.

face thread lift

4. Double Dose Lipolysis Injection (Fat Dissolving Injection).

Lipolysis is a method used for local fat melting. The applied preparation is a solution containing a deoxycholic acid sodium salt and substances supporting the blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in the treated area. It is injected into the double chin and lower cheeks where it is necessary to remove fat. It is necessary to undergo the injection lipolysis 3 – 4 times with intervals of approximately 2-4 weeks, while each session is followed by a gradual decomposition of fat cells, digestion of fatty acids, improvement of the capillary and lymphatic circulation, which gradually results in the double chin reduction and given area shaping. Injection lipolysis can also be used in other body regions, namely for the purpose of body contouring.

hifu facelift before and after

Lipolysis Injection Expectations
The procedure is minimally painful; the lipolytic solution is injected intradermally, by an ultrathin needle into the relevant area which cooled with ice before the procedure. Minor redness and swelling after the incisions immediately after the injection will disappear within 1-2 hours after; exceptionally, small bruises may occur at the application site, which will be absorbed within several days.

After the application, swelling and redness of the whole area may appear within 48-72 hours; patients may feel itching, burning and muscle pain and these symptoms will disappear within 4-7 days. The injection lipolysis effect is summed after each procedure and is affected by a healthy lifestyle. After the procedure, it is recommended to massage the given region in order to support the microcirculation.

The procedure can be performed throughout all year round.

5. Face Thread lift

The jewel of “non-surgical facelift” . Another option which is widely popular among our clients is a non-surgical facelift that uses medical-grade sutures to lift the skin and tighten the cheeks and jawline. Few types of threads may be injected to the cheeks, jaw area as well as neck.They stimulate production of collagen, the protein that gives our skin its youthful appearance.

The Threadlift procedure 
Free floating threads are inserted beneath the skin under a local anasthetics, and pulled up into place creating a lift that last between 1–2 years. Fixed Threads — is a more radical procedure, which involves removing of excess skin for best results -it lasts 2–4 years. All types of threads, whether they are floating or fixed improve firmness and tightening of the surrounding tissues, and increase blood supply which improves total look.

Recovery time
This procedure can be done for less than an hour with little swelling which is another reason for its growing demand. Recovery time is 3–5 days but you can go to work, or go out the same day.

The above-mentioned treatment options are just a guide for achieving a V-shaped face. Since no two patients are identical, a thorough consultation with our expert cosmetic practitioner is needed to establish a personalised treatment plan to suit your face shape, which may include other types of treatments not listed above.

dermal filler

FAQ of V shape treatment

During V-Shape Treatment Procedure
A treatment can take 30 minutes for a simple procedure but can be over 1 hour if there are multiple treatments or extensive treatments to be performed. The treatment always starts with facial assessment and mapping to mark the target areas accordingly. Most of our clients experience minimal discomfort during the procedure but this varies from person to person. Numbing cream or local anaesthetic can be applied prior to the treatment to make your procedure as comfortable as possible.

Aftercare of V-Shape Treatment Procedure
Treatment aftercare will vary depending on the treatment received. You may experience mild redness, bruising and swelling at the treatment sites. Our cosmetic practitioner will create an aftercare plan that enables you to heal quickly with minimal discomfort. We will closely review your progress until the skin has recovered.

Result of V-Shape Treatment Procedure
Depending on the treatment, you may see a slimmer, more defined lower jawline immediately. For chewing muscle injections, the muscle will gradually reduce in size, and can take 2 to 3 months to see optimum results.

Depending on your initial skin condition and your desired goals, you may need more than one treatment. Your doctor will discuss your specific treatment goals and create a schedule to give you the best results.

What is the cost of V-Shape Face treatments?
The cost will vary depending on the type of treatment necessary. If you desire a V-Shape Face or wish to maintain it, contact us for a free, no obligation consultation at Cleo Clinic, KL.

Why choose Cleo Clinic for your V-Shape Face treatment?

We are proud to say that at Cleo Clinic, KL we endeavour to always provide you with the safest treatment solution that best suits you. Our doctors has an in-depth understanding of facial anatomy, ensuring the treatment is administered at the safest location to avoid complications during the procedure. Our doctors will work closely with you to evaluate your areas of concern as well as review your medical history, allergies and pregnancy status

Technique and art – Our doctor extensive training in the field of dermal filler injection locally and internationally. The V-Shape Face is an area which our doctors specialises in and combining exceptional aesthetic judgement and skills to creates amazing, natural results. Most importantly, is to achieve symmetricality and well-proportioned face.

Personalised treatment – Rather than using standardised programs, we recommend customised treatments after meticulous consultation. Our doctor will assess your facial structure, angles and proportion, as well as the feeling of the skin. With this information, a personalised facial shaping treatment will be developed specifically for your needs.

Certified Doctors
Safe and Proven Methods
Minimal downtime
FDA Approved

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