A Complete Guide to Non-Surgical Nose Thread Lifts

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Achieving a taller nose was always done with traditional rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a nose job. This involves a surgical procedure that reconstructs and corrects the nose, and like all surgeries, it comes with a certain level of risk, healing time, and of course, pain. However, thanks to cosmetic technology breakthroughs, people can now get the same, well-defined and lifted nose through non-surgical means. Now it’s possible thanks to nose thread lifts, which take all of thirty minutes and no more!

Before you hop on over to your nearest aesthetician clinic to have this done over your lunch break, here is a guide worth looking over to know more about this popular cosmetic procedure. 

Non-Surgical Nose Thread Lifts: What Are They?

A nose thread lift gets its name from its use of absorbable threads made of polydioxanone (PDO), which acts as a scaffolding structure as they are inserted into the nose bridge and nose tip. The PDO helps contour the nose and lift it into the desired shape.

Longevity of Results

The threads used for this treatment will dissolve completely after six to eight months, but the nose can stay lifted for another year or so. Results last longer when the procedure is repeated nine to twelve months after your initial treatment. This is because collagen is stimulated and produced in the nose, encouraging more permanent lifting over time. 

Choosing a Doctor

Whether you are getting a nose thread lift or a nose filler treatment, it is essential to choose the right doctor for the job! While a non-surgical nose is a more straightforward procedure, there is still a chance that the doctor performing it could ruin the nose job, leaving you with less than undesirable results. To choose the right doctor, try to find out more about the following:

Previous Work

Insist on seeing before and after pictures of your doctor’s results on previous clients so you can gauge the possible outcome for your case and whether you like the doctor’s style. Find out how many patients he has worked with; the more experienced your doctor is, the better. 


Your doctor should be honest with you about any complications they have experienced in the past. Whether this led to minor and reversible errors or more complicated issues should be fully disclosed because you are entitled to full knowledge of the risks. 

Type of Thread

Do a little bit of research before visiting the clinic to determine what threads are commonly used in this treatment. When you have the consultation, be sure to ask your doctor for details on the threads they’ll use for your nose. Inquire about the types of threads and the number that will be inserted to achieve the desired outcome. You should also ask your doctor about post-treatment recovery protocol and their support services.

Be wary of doctors who opt for short and smooth threads since these provide poor lifting. It’s better to go with a practitioner who uses cogs, which are thicker threads with anchors that provide better lift. However, the right doctor should also assess your nose to check if cogs will cause any permanent scarring and trauma. Experienced professionals should be able to use any type of thread and ensure a great outcome.

Is Blindness Really a Risk After Treatment? 

Those interested in the treatment may have come across rumours that it causes blindness. Since the nose thread lift is done by inserting a blunt cannula into the nose for the desired height and projection, it might risk blindness. However, these rumours are false, and there exists virtually no risk of going blind from non-surgical nose thread lift procedures.

However, nose fillers do carry this risk along with skin necrosis. Doctors are especially cautious with performing these procedures to prevent such incidents from occurring. 

The Bottom Line: Attaining the Perfect Nose

Nose thread lifts are done to create the perfect nose, which isn’t just one shape, height, or slimness, but one that suits your other facial features. Its proportions matter a great deal, and the most experienced doctors will understand the best ones that will suit the aesthetic for an Asian individual’s face. By understanding the details of this procedure, you can choose the right practitioner to give you a beautiful nose for many years after the treatment. 

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