A Quick Introduction to Nucleofill and How It Works


Nucleofill is a brand-new polynucleotide-based injectable biorevitalisation treatment that firms and contours the skin while profoundly hydrating it and promoting collagen stimulation. Along with moisturising, the polynucleotides also lessen free radical damage and increase collagen synthesis.

In addition to reducing puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles, and volume loss in the lower eyelids, Nucleofill Soft Eyes provides an alternative to tear trough fillers. All skin types can safely receive this therapy. Combining this medication with additional treatments is an option.

You may find all the essential details you require regarding this new aesthetic procedure in the following sections.

What to Anticipate

In two treatments spaced two weeks apart, Nucleofill is injected beneath the skin using a needle or cannula. You might do this every three to six months. 

The procedure causes only minor discomfort, but as with all injections, there is a chance of swelling or bruising.

What Advantages Does Nucleofill Offer?

By stimulating collagen, Nucelofill helps to firm and tighten the skin by improving skin microcirculation, detoxifying and deeply hydrating the skin, and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

A revolutionary skin-regeneration treatment called Nucleofill has three key effects: skin lifting, antioxidant function, and skin hydration.

  • Skin Lifting

Polynucleotides, which are present in Nucleofill, have an impact on the skin’s fibroblast receptors. Type one collagen and elastin are first produced during this period, and the activity of dormant fibroblasts is also stimulated. 

As a result, the skin becomes more lifted and has improved suppleness.

  • Antioxidant Function

The extracellular environment contains polynucleotides that neutralise free radicals, reducing oxidative stress in the skin as a result.

  • Skin Hydration

The extracellular matrix polynucleotides that are still present bind water, ensuring the skin’s long-lasting iso-osmotic hydration.

The skin becomes raised, tighter, moisturised, and softer as a result of the Nucleofill’s effect, giving the illusion of being younger, fresher, and more rested.

What Outcomes Are Possible?

  • Enhanced skin elasticity and skin tightening
  • Skin Lift
  • Enhanced facial ovality 
  • Enhanced facial ovality 
  • Lessened fine wrinkles

Without altering facial features, Nucleofill creates a youthful and natural look. It is a very cutting-edge biotechnology that is used in anti-aging and aesthetic treatment.

What Takes Place during the Treatment?

The possibilities are the Medium or Strong Nucleofill product, depending on the state of the skin. There are two ways to deliver the medication: the use of the bolus deposit technique or microdeposits in the afflicted areas.

A cream anaesthetic can be used to treat those who are pain-sensitive. A little pinching and stretching may be felt during the procedure.

A course of 2-4 treatments spaced out over four weeks is advised. To get better results, some clients might need a combination of treatments, such as the Strong treatment on the middle of the face and the Medium treatment on the lower half of the face. 

Such a procedure enables simultaneous treatment of the face and neck and substantially superior results.


Skin that is dehydrated, hypoxic, or subjected to oxidative stress responds well to the treatment. The best candidates for this therapy are those who notice a loss of skin moisture and firmness as well as those with thin, atrophic skin.

Any client, regardless of age or skin type, can have this therapy due to the extensive selection of treatment regimens.

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