How You Can Achieve a Perfectly Beautiful V-Shaped Face

woman touching her face

Many people believe that a slim V-Shape face is a symbol of beauty. Many celebrities and influencers invest in remarkable changes in their face to achieve the v-shape face. 

Some spend thousands of dollars to achieve a slimmed-down face through various surgical methods. However, there is an easier and hassle-free way to make your face slimmer and look more V-shaped without going through surgery using a combination of Botox Jaw Reduction and Chin Fillers.

Everything You Need to Know About Botox Jaw Reduction

One of the most popular ways to achieve a v-shaped face is botox jaw reduction. This treatment happens by locating your masseter muscles injecting the botox formula into them. The botox relaxes your jaw muscles to reduce them in size. 

You can see the effects of the botox after about two weeks, and you may see the best results of your botox about four to six weeks after the procedure. The only disadvantage about this procedure is you may need it again after four to six months or around twice or thrice a year. 

You need to visit your doctor for maintenance sessions because the jaw muscles may go back to their original size. People with stronger and bulkier muscles may need more botox. However, some people report that their face still looked chubby after the procedure. 

It may be because the person’s antibodies are fighting the botox, or the botox was inserted into the wrong place, there wasn’t enough botox to make it slimmer, and so on. 

Other than the jaw muscles, these are other factors that contribute to the shape of your face. These are the:

  • Jaw Bone
  • Sagging Skin
  • Buccal Fat
  • Short Chin

Everything You Need to Know About Chin Fillers

Chin fillers can elongate the shape of the face. During a chin filler procedure, the doctor will first locate the centre point of your face. Once they are able to locate the centre of your face, they can inject fillers into the chin to create length. The patient’s face will immediately look elongated and v-shaped. 

Doctors do advise their patients not to touch the area within the first two weeks. The area might change shape or position since the fillers are not yet fully settled. Chin fillers will look very natural if the correct amount is inserted. 

It may not even be noticeable that you got chin fillers. Chin fillers are made of Hyaluronic acid, a natural substance in the skin. These can be dissolved, which is why the procedure can easily be reversed by injecting a dissolvent.

The Bottom Line

Botox Jaw Reduction and Chin Fillers are the best and safest alternatives to surgery for achieving a V-shaped face. Not everyone is naturally born with an oval-shaped face, so this is the right treatment if you want to alter your face to your preference.

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