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StarWalker® PQX PICO Laser

Picosecond laser technology is the latest and safest tool for effective skin pigment removal without collateral damage to surrounding tissue and unwanted side effects. At CLEO clinic we have the latest and most advanced  StarWalker® PQX Picosecond laser. It’s pulses induce skin remodeling in a photoacoustic, completely non-thermal way, making it a very safe option for all skin types.
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What is PICO Laser?

Pico laser technology is a non-surgical, non-invasive laser skin treatment that can be used to address the majority of common skin imperfections, including spots caused by sun damage, acne scarring and various pigmentation disorders.
Introducing the latest PICO laser in the market , 3rd Generation StarWalker® PQX PICO LASER with patented FracTAT® technology promising  better and faster results in the treatment of pigmentation, acne scars, skin rejuvenation and tattoo removal.

Our #6 most popular PICO laser indications

Pigmentation Disorders

Pico laser is extremely effective in treating various pigmentation disorders. Our PQX Starwalker PICO machine promises fewer treatments , Shorter treatment time and quicker healing with minimal downtime!

Rejuvenation & Toning

PICO laser induces microscopic lesions within tissues and as a result of micro cavitations and plasma forms. Micro wounds are rapidly healed by the intact surrounding tissue, leaving the skin refreshed, more elastic and with fewer visible wrinkles and scars.

Tattoo Removal

StarWalker® PQX delivers a full range of laser wavelengths to cover the complete absorption spectrum of melanin, oxyhemoglobin and water. It can effectively remove both coloured and black tattoo .

Acne Scar Revision

Fotona PQX Lasers are ideally suited for the effective treatment of a wide range of scar tissues. Pico Laser skin resurfacing is used for gentle ablation of scar tissue and activation of collagen remodeling. Acne scars in particular respond well to Er:YAG treatments.

Laser Lip Rejuvenation

Non-Invasive rejuvenation for Fuller Lips without Injectables. Lip Laser treatment stimulate patient's own collagen in their lips. Resulting in fullness, volume, correct balance between the upper and lower lips and a well-defined vermilion border.


FracRevive™ is an efficient two-step skin rejuvenation treatment with minimal downtime, performed with both full-beam and fractional Q-switched Nd:YAG laser. The treatment improves the patient’s skin tone & texture as well as reduces pore size, pigmentation, and static wrinkles.

PICO laser VS Q-switch laser

The Pico Laser works in ultrashort picosecond laser pulses, as compared to nanosecond pulses in a Q-Switched Laser.

The pulse duration of a Picosecond Laser is 100x shorter than a Q-Switched Laser. This means more shots can be fired by a Picosecond Laser in the same amount of time which equal more results !

Benefits Of PICO Laser Treatment

The Picosecond laser breaks down pigmentation into much smaller fragments and faster as compared to a Q-Switched Laser. This not only enables to skin to clear these fragments faster and with lesser downtime. It also reduces the number of treatments required.

Pulverization of pigments allow better resorption and reduces the number treatments required.

Our Machine : StarWalker® PQX

  • Highest pico power & energy
  • Shortest pico pulse width
  • Wide range of laser wavelengths
  • Exceptional spot size capabilities
  • Largest fluence spectrum for flat-top handpieces
  • Patented FracTAT® treatments for scars,
    pigments and rejuvenation
  • No downtime

Why StarWalker® PQX PICO is the choice?

One of the things that makes the innovative StarWalker® PQX laser system stand out from the competition is that it delivers highest Pico Power & Energy, which, combined with a wide range of sophisticated state-of-the art accessories, offers speed combined with precision in treatments. The machine also offers the widest range of wave length giving the operator full versatility in treat various conditions. 


The number of treatments will depend on your skin  concerns. The best way to get an estimate of how many sessions you will need is to schedule a free consultation with our doctors. On average, most patients get between 2 and 5 sessions; however, some patients see their desired results after only a single treatment. People with wide-ranging cosmetic concerns or who are looking to treat large areas may require more sessions.

At our clinic,  your comfort and satisfaction is our main priority! Compared to other laser treatments, pico laser is considered significantly more comfortable and almost painless. Most patients have ranked it as a 2 out of 10 on the pain scale.

As with most laser treatments, you can expect some small amount of redness. For most patients the redness gives them a slightly flushed look, but the extent of it will depend on the intensity of the procedure and areas that you are treating. Unlike other cosmetic procedures that require recovery time, our PQX pico laser treatment has no downtime.

There are no long term side effects to this procedure, however small amount of redness may occur immedietely after the treatment 

There are a few  picosecond Lasers available in malaysian market . The Discovery Pico, PicoSure, PicoWay , Picocare and our very own StarWalker® PQX PICO

Beware of marketing gimmicks offering pico laser treatment below market prices as they may not be true picosecond lasers, and are unable to generate the speed as a genuine pico laser. Thus, these lasers may give different results as compared to a genuine picosecond laser.

The StarWalker® PQX PICO, being a third-generation pico laser, generates the highest peak power. It is the latest and most powerful PICO machine available in the market currently. It has the largest range of wavelength and versatility to target various conditions effectively . This ensures that results are faster, and more effective with lesser sessions.

our Doctors

Dr. Raimie Bin Rahmad

Aesthetic Physician

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) – MMA
Professional Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine

Specializes in non invasive aesthetic treatments including dermal fillers , thread lifting and anti wrinkles treatments.

Dr. Tan Choy Ling

Aesthetic Physician

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) – MMA
Postgraduate Diploma in Dermatology in Clinical Practice – University of South Wales, UK
Professional Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine – AAA

Specializes in non invasive aesthetic treatments with an interest in skin diseases and acne treatments.

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