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Skin Rejuvenation & Healing

Rejuran Healer (婴儿针) repairs and rejuvenates aging or damaged skin. Unlike hyaluronic acid skinboosters, Rejuran Healer consists of biologically active molecules that stimulates regenerative processes and reduce inflammation. At CLEO Clinic we have a full range of Rejuran product.

Specialised DNA for Skin

PDRN, a raw material with healing and rejuvenation properties

Skin Improvement Activator

REJURAN  is proven to be the save and biocompatible for use.

Skin Improvement Activator

Continuous stimulation of collagen, restoring thin and damaged skin.

Enhanced Skin Absorption

Engineered to allow effective skin absorption and effectively promote skin health.

What is Rejuran Treatment?

Rejuran is the latest anti-ageing
and skin healing treatment from South Korea.

It contains Polynucleotide (PN), an upgraded form of Polydeoxyribonucleotide, which has a remarkable ability to aid regeneration of skin and tissues.

Rejuran is a skin-healing treatment using polynucleotides from salmon DNA to rejuvenate and repair the skin. Originating from South Korea, it contains PN (polynucleotide), extracted from salmon, as the main active ingredient.

Salmon DNA was chosen because scientists found that it can accelerate the healing processes of skin cells, boosting collagen production, improving the skin barrier and enhancing wound healing. Salmon DNA is also similar to human DNA, ensuring there is little risk of an immune response when it is injected into the body.

Types Of Rejuran Skin Boosters

Rejuran Healer

This treatment has a medium level of viscosity and can provide added hydration, which helps to strengthen the skin’s regenerative ability. It is ideal for full-face and neck rejuvenation.

Benefits Of Rejuran Healing

  • Increased skin elasticity and firmness
  • Reduced appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Slows down aging by repairing damaged skin cells
  • Increased regeneration of skin cells 
  • Reduction in pore size
  • Increased skin hydration
  • Improvement in acne scars

Who is this treatment suitable for?

For those in their 30s and above, with dry skin and frequent skin problems. It is also indicated in those with wrinkles on the neck, around the eyes, and have stretch marks which are difficult to treat with other options.

Rejuran I (Eye)

Rejuran I has a lower viscosity than the other Rejuran formulations, which makes it ideal for getting rid or wrinkles around the eyes and general under-eye rejuvenation.


  • Smoothening of Wrinkles & Fine Lines Around The Eye Area
  • Rejuvenate Dark Eye Circles
  • Gentle & Natural Results

Who is this treatment suitable for?

This treatment is suitable for those looking into specifically improving the skin around the eye areas.

Rejuran S (Scar)

Rejuran S is made out of  PN concentration at 2% and has the highest viscosity and is ideal for acne scar treatment, acting like a filler for depressed and sunken spots. can be introduced into the skin to plump up deep, linear scars. The regeneration ability of Rejuran, in addition to its higher viscosity, stimulates fibroblasts in our skin to produce collagen. Promoting skin smoothening, plumping up of acne scar depressions to give better skin texture.


• Treat Acne Scars
• Skin Smoothening
• Plump Up Deep, Linear Scars
• Stimulate Fibroblast To Produce Collagen

Who is this treatment suitable for?

This treatment is suitable for those looking into improving their skin conditions, such as acne marks, pigmented spots,  scars as well as blemishes.

Rejuran HB (Hydration booster)

Rejuran HB is mainly used to strengthen the skin’s regenerative ability whilst providing an intense hydration effect on dehydrated areas.


• Strengthening of Skin Regenerative Ability
• Overall Intense Hydration of Skin

Who is this treatment suitable for?

This treatment is suitable for individuals with dry skin looking for an overall intense skin hydration instead of healing for skin repair, achieving that Korean ‘Glass Skin’ look.

Types of Rejuran: Which Works Best For You

There are 4 types of Rejuran
Each has it’s own properties meant for different indications

Composition PN(Polynucleotide) PN, HA, Lidocaine(0.3%)
Purpose of Use
Overall skin health & repair
Eye Wrinkles , Undereye, Dark eye circle
Acne scars, Depressed scars, Box scar, ice pick scar
Overall hydration boosting & repair
Treatment Area
Whole face
Delicate eye area
Face, any areas with scar
Face, neck and hands
33G X 4 mm
34G X 4 mm
30G X 8 mm
33GX 4 mm
Packing Unit
2 mL x 2 Syringes
1 mL x 1 Syringe
1 mL x 1 Syringe
1 mL x 1 Syringe

How can it help my skin ?

PDRN is a vital ingredient for skin health. By incorporating this component into your skin, it promotes skin regeneration and repair processes which will reverse age related changes and further optimize overall skin health. As a result, PDRN treatments can help in reducing wrinkles, fine lines, pore size and encourage skin repair to reduce the appearance of acne scars and stretch marks.

REJURAN rejuvenates overall appearance of the skin

Significantly Improved hydration, reduce wrinkles & sagging skin and reduce pigmentation

Hydration and Elasticty

REJURAN significantly increases skin hydration and skin elasticity for a healthier and more youthful skin.

Where is rejuran® skin healer injected to?

Unlike dermal filler injections, the Rejuran® Skin Healer Treatment, also known as baby skin injection, involves the use of non-invasive micro-injections to administer the treatment into the superficial dermis and remains in the top layer of the skin. It stimulates the growth of fibroblasts, a type of cell that generates collagen and other cells within the skin’s extracellular matrix. More fibroblasts mean more collagen and more newly-generated cells that replace old, damaged ones. It also means that the skin will be smoother and more elastic. Unwanted pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles are reduced, pores are minimized and the skin becomes firmer and less saggy. Best of all, because Rejuran® acts as a healing agent, even conditions such as eczema, acne-induced inflammation and old deep-set acne scars can be improved.

What can Rejuran Treat ?






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  1. The tiny welts formed by the injection are visible for 24 to 48 hours. Any tiny bruising or pin point bleeding will also settle during that time
  2. Improvements occur after approximately 4 weeks, but get better as you complete the second and then the third session (at 4 weekly intervals for the first 3 sessions)
  3. Maintenance is advised at 3 to 4 monthly intervals after the initial 3 monthly sessions


  1. The face is cleansed
  2. Numbing cream is applied for approximately 30 minutes
  3. Rejuran is injected into the skin via a very small needle and can take about 20 minutes
  4. Cooling with cryotherapy or a post-rejuran LED light is used to reduce the downtime

Rejuran Vs Profhilo: What Makes It Differ?

Profhilo is the latest multi-purpose injectable treatment for skin rejuvenationhydration and collagen stimulation.

It’s main selling point is that only 5 injection points are required per cheek to deliver its benefits. 

With lesser injection points, there is reduced discomfort and downtime!


  • Profhilo contains Hyaluronic Acid in both high and low molecular weight
  • Best for sagging aging skin with loss of elasticity and dry skin.
  • Good for overall skin rejuvenation.
  • Minimal downtime


  • Rejuran contains  Polynucleotides (PDRN).
  • PDRN is known for tissue repairing and its anti-inflammatory traits
  • Best for large pores and acne skin requiring repair
  • Collagen stimulation & 
    Skin Repair

Types of rejuran

We offer the following treatments to help you in your hair loss treatment journey. All treatment options are subject 
to approval by our prescriber following the completion and assessment the medical consultation by our qualified physicians


(EYE )






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PN: Polynucleotide

is a biocompatible substance that has excellent regeneration effect for skin
20220721_PRODUCTS__22 (1)

Extracted from Salmon DNA

that is similar to human DNA
20220721_PRODUCTS__22 (1)

Proven Safety

because it contains high biocompatible DNA fragment
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Multiple Treatment Areas

Treats wrinkles and loose skin on the face, around the eyes and on the body


Yes, the main ingredient used in Rejuran, Salmon DNA, is biocompatible with human skin and has been extensively studied to be safe for use.
Results can last several months, but multiple sessions are recommended for optimal outcomes.
There is minimal pain – we apply numbing cream before commencing treatment to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible.
Yes, think of Rejuran as food for your skin – it feeds your skin with nucleotides. Nucleotides are building blocks of our DNA; they contain regenerative properties that significantly enhance the skin’s ability to repair and renew itself.
Patients who are keen to: improve skin tone, improve skin texture, prevent skin aging and/or smoothen acne scars.
Rejuran stimulates skin growth and its effects are seen over a period of time. The initial intensive period involves a series of monthly treatments for 3-4 sessions. Because the skin is a dynamic, living organ, maintenance treatment is required every 4 to 6 months to keep the skin in its optimal state.

Within 1 week: Some improvement in skin texture as the gel matrix hydrates underlying skin
Within 1 month: Pores are smaller and skin texture improved
Within 2 months: Skin elasticity improves, resulting in reduced appearance of fine wrinkles. Skin pigmentation issues may also show improvement

Best results are seen typically 4-6 weeks after the third treatment.

Each procedure typically involves 40 minutes of topical numbing and 30 minutes of procedure time, so an estimated time of 1.5 hours of your time will be required.
After a sufficient time with topical numbing cream, the procedure produces minimal to moderate discomfort. The injection itself does not hurt, but the infusion of Rejuran under the skin does produce a slight stinging sensation that is bearable
The term “skin booster” refers to a procedure where a stimulatory material is injected superficially into the skin to promote healing and hydration. As such, both Rejuran and hyaluronic acid (HA) can be used as “skin boosters”. The effects of each, however, are intrinsically different: Hyaluronic acid skin boosters act as a lifting and hydrating agent. It’s main purpose is to volumise and hydrate the skin. Rejuran Healer contains biologically active compounds that only mildly hydrates the skin, but more importantly, naturally stimulates the skin’s reparative capabilities. Its effects are slow to show, but remain visible for a more prolonged period of time. As such, both have a role in dermal rejuvenation and can actually be combined for optimal results!
Yes! Rejuran acts as a synergistic simulator and food supply for skin growth and remodelling. As such, combining Rejuran with the following treatments can optimise results for skin rejuvenation, scar treatment, skin dyspigmentation, botox, and even hydration (with non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid skin boosters).

REJURAN ® treatment

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