A Subtle Enhancement: The Benefit of Blending Lip Fillers

Lip Fillers

Oscars fever is on the rise. A few days ago, CNN reported the nominees for the prestigious award, but that is not the only thing that we are waiting for. Most of us are happily waiting for our idols’ red carpet transformations. 

We are not only looking forward to the outfits that celebrities wear, but we are also waiting for their makeover. Will we see a new trend on eyebrows? Or will our favorite star confess that she had a lip filler?

The great thing about technology is that it is also accessible to ordinary people. You can have fuller lips without being an A-list star. Before you go through any treatment, you should learn more about it. 

The Basics about Lip Fillers

When you want to try a lip filler, you must remember that increasing the volume of your lips is not the sole purpose. The aim of this treatment is a combination of improving the definition of the vermilion border, lifting the cupid’s bow, providing hydration, showing more of the pink lip, or increasing projection. In other words, you want to contour and add volume and hydration. 

We know that aging happens in multiple tissues and depths, such as bone, fat, muscle, and skin. Therefore, it is necessary to assess each area to provide the needed support where signs of aging are evident.

This knowledge led to the innovation of filler blending. It is an advanced technique of mixing a particular dermal filler with any other injectable product. Doctors started mixing their lip fillers with lidocaine solution to solve the problem of traditional fillers not coming with any anesthetic agents.

Better Results

The consistency of the patient’s lips varies because it depends on the depth. The delicate border is substantially different from the soft fatty tissue, which lies on top of the deep, dense muscle layer. Depending on the depth and consistency of the tissues where the lip lacks structure and support, the doctor will combine different lip filler products accordingly.

This process aims to add lip filler to complement and stimulate the patient’s tissues. You should know that different filler products have different characteristics depending on their specific blend of hyaluronic acid, which cross-links HA molecules. In other words, they have different consistencies and different abilities to attract water. 

Working with a broader range of products with different characteristics allows doctors to customize each treatment according to the patient’s tissues. You can compare it to providing an artist with ten colors to utilize instead of a meager three.

Product Selection

It is prudent that doctors stay with each brand range. Doing so will eliminate any difficulty managing complications if they happen because they are still within the manufacturer’s recommendations and support pathways. Most of the time, doctors treat mature lips with soft-density lip filler. 

This type of filler lends nicely to soft blanching the peri-oral lines. The doctor would combine that particular treatment with a medium-density filler in the deeper plane to address the volume deficiency in the body of the lips. Lastly, your doctor might add a super-soft filler intradermally in the body of the lip and across the peri-oral lines to improve texture. 


Lip fillers allow people to recapture the glory of their youth. It is not being vain, but it makes us feel good about ourselves because we get to see our former selves. 

If you want to reinvent yourself, you should try the lip filler treatment because it is a subtle enhancement. At Cleo Clinic, we are committed to providing the best aesthetic treatments to our clients. Book an appointment now!