How Long Is the Effectiveness of Double Eyelid Surgery?


One of the most popular plastic surgery operations is double eyelid surgery. Currently, there are two primary surgical methods for achieving double eyelids: Incisional Upper Blepharoplasty and Double Suture and Twist (DST). 

Both of these procedures are well-liked and have unique characteristics. However, having plastic surgery is a big commitment.

The sections below look at the aspects of the various techniques to double eyelid surgery before talking about how long it lasts.

Incisional Upper Blepharoplasty

When people talk about double eyelid surgery, they typically mean the classic method of creating the upper eyelid creases. 

In order to remove some skin, fat, and other tissue, the surgeon makes an incision on the upper eyelid in this method. 

Muscles may need to be reattached in specific situations, depending on the patient’s health. The surgeon will use sutures to close the incision once all of these are finished.

When the eye opens after the treatment, the sliced eyelid skin will be dragged inward, forming the eyelid crease. Under the upper eyelid, internal scar tissue will develop over time, preserving the crease’s structure.

Double Suture and Twist

Double eyelid stitching is quickly replacing the conventional cutting method as a less intrusive option. As suggested by the name, this method uses a specialised stitching technique to produce the eyelid crease.

The surgeon will make three punctures along the top eyelid during the surgery. The Double Suture and Twist procedure involves threading two sutures through the punctures and twisting them in a certain way. 

When the eye opens, these sutures will pull the skin of the eyelid inward, forming the eyelid crease. Scar tissue will eventually grow around the sutures, reinforcing them like in the cutting method.

Does Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery Require More Downtime Than DST?

Is the cutting strategy more durable than the stitching approach? On the surface, it does seem like this is the case most of the time. 

The results should, in theory, depend on how long the sutures last since DST uses sutures to keep the double eyelids together. However, it is not as simple in practice. 

In reality, both methods can produce results that last a lifetime. The real distinction is that the incisional strategy produces more durable effects, whereas the stitching approach involves more post-operative worries about maintaining durable outcomes.

What Is Suture Degradation

The sutures used in DST can deteriorate over time owing to regular wear and tear even though they are strong, non-absorbable sutures made to form the eyelid crease. 

It usually takes place many years after the treatment and is not always the case. By that time, scar tissue should have formed sufficiently to retain the eyelid crease, and the appearance of your double eyelids should have hardly changed.

Does Explicit External Tension Lead to Suture Damage?

The eyelid sutures can occasionally become damaged by external stress and suddenly snap. Several instances include trauma or impact near the eye and frequent or violent rubbing of the eyes while cleaning the face. Revision surgery is frequently required when this occurs, particularly if the scar tissue has not fully developed.

These factors lead people to believe that the stitching procedure is less durable than the incisional approach. However, just like with incisional double eyelid surgery, the effects of DST can last a lifetime, provided you pay attention to your eyes and minimise eye disturbance.


Whatever the method, you should always seek the advice of a qualified and recognised plastic surgeon before having double eyelid surgery. 

Additionally, you need to look after your freshly formed double eyelids. You can greatly improve and prolong the benefits of your surgery by using good surgical techniques and attentive post-care.

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