Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation: What to Know About How It Works

Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation gives you healthy new skin, all without invasive techniques. If you’d like to refresh your look with skin rejuvenation, this article will provide the answers you are looking for. 

Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation: What to Know About How It Works

1 – Initial Assessment

During the initial assessment, you will be asked about your medical history, your skin and hair care habits, your social habits and medications. You will be asked to describe your skin concerns, as well as what you hope to achieve.

2 – Skin Analysis

After the initial assessment, the specialist will continue by performing a skin analysis. This is done by carefully inspecting your skin to determine how much work is necessary, how skin rejuvenation will affect your overall look and what skin rejuvenation treatments might be the best match.

3 – Testing

Tests are performed to determine your skin type, the pH of your skin, any allergies to medications or metals, your skin’s photosensitivity, the best skin rejuvenation treatments for your situation, and which skin rejuvenation procedures will be most effective for you.

4 – Treatment Planning

Your doctor will lay out a treatment plan to achieve your desired results. This will include the type of skin rejuvenation procedures you will be eligible for and which one is the most suitable for your skin.

5 – Treatment Proper

The skin rejuvenation process is painless, requires no surgery and can be completed in one visit. Having a safe, non-invasive procedure that effectively stimulates collagen and elastin production is a great option to get a healthy and younger looking you. The skin rejuvenation process is as simple as restoring your body’s natural functions.

6 – Follow-up consultations

Once the treatment is complete, you will receive a complete breakdown of what was performed and how to care for your new skin so you can promote the best possible results. Follow-up consultations will be scheduled after the initial treatment, usually one to six months after your initial treatment. There is a range of follow-up treatment sessions, depending on the skin rejuvenation treatments performed.

7 – Post-Treatment Care

After treatment, the specialist will explain how to take care of your skin after it has been rejuvenated. They will also be available to answer any questions you might have.

8 – The Final Results

Your skin rejuvenation treatment should give you a look you want, with a healthy glow and new skin. You’ll see improvements within a few days of treatment, with optimal results within a few weeks. Your experience will also depend on the type of skin rejuvenation treatment you undergo.


Skin rejuvenation offers long-term skin health and a vibrant appearance that will make you feel your best. Successful skin rejuvenation depends on the treatment plan your doctor has determined best for you. If you are searching for answers, contact a doctor today and schedule a consultation.

Skin rejuvenation is a safe and effective method to get the healthy and younger looking skin you want. No matter your situation, with a dedicated dermatologist, you can look your best.

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