Essential Things to Know Before Getting a Thread Lift

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If you’ve been taking care of your skin for years now, then you know how hard it is to maintain its fresh, healthy, and supple state. Due to old age and other underlying skin conditions, the shape of your face now may not stay the same as it once did.

 At the same time, you are also more prone to getting thinner-looking skin and wrinkles, which are just some of the signs you’re either getting old or feeling stressed. While it’s a natural occurrence in life, you can undergo skin treatments to help eliminate loose skin, including getting a face thread lift to solve your concerns.

A thread lift is an aesthetic procedure that includes inserting specific threads under your skin and pulling them to lift your face and achieve firmer-looking skin. The treatment is used for collagen regeneration as well. 

If you want to know more about getting a thread lift, keep reading below.

Don’t Compare a Thread Lift with a Face Lift

Some people who undergo a thread lift expect to receive the same benefits of a facelift, but that isn’t really the case. They can only be compared because both skin lifting treatments target drooping and loose skin. 

Their results vary wherein a facelift treatment focuses on eliminating excess skin and successfully tightening your face, while a thread lift works to provide only minimal lifting solutions. 

If you’re only experiencing minor skin issues, you can focus on getting a thread lift instead and achieve the results you want. 

Get a Thread Lift for Safer Results

If you’re concerned about invasive procedures, you can choose to get a thread lift because it’s a minimally invasive procedure that has fewer risks and problems than getting a facelift. An expert will guarantee to use only FDA-approved threads to ensure your safety. 

While the side effects of a thread lift include bruising and swelling, they will disappear in due time. If the threads used during the procedure become visible after a while, a surgeon can quickly take them out, change the threads, or adjust them according to what’s necessary.

Choose Thread Lift Treatments Based on Your Needs 

Different kinds of thread lift procedures offer the same treatment but require a variation of threads. For you to decide which one suits you the best, it would help if you relied on a skincare expert in Malaysia to give you sound advice. 

 A polydioxanone (PDO) uses a biocompatible material that dissolves from your body within six months. PDO threads offer minimal lifting effects that tend to focus more on collagen production. The results of this type of lift treatment can last for one to two years. 

Aside from that, a polylactic acid (PLA) thread is also biocompatible, but what makes it different from a PDO is its threads are combined using small cones. It results in more lifting capabilities, produces less collagen, and can stay in your body for up to one year. Also, its effects can last up to three years.  

Consider Your Age and Skin Situation Before Getting a Thread Lift

Basing the kind of thread lift procedure on your age and skin condition is also a good idea. If you are of legal age and have moderately loose skin that appears to be more prone to sagging, then you can already be a qualified candidate for PDO thread lift.

Before you decide to undergo a skin treatment, it’s best to look for a skin clinic that offers reliable face and nose thread lift procedures. This is so they can guarantee you only get the results you want and deserve for your dear skin.

Take It Easy in the Recovery Period

Compared to other skin lifting treatments, a thread lift doesn’t require an extended recovery period. Instead, you will only need two days to take some time off and heal. Depending on your pain tolerance, you can make do without taking pain killers which you will only need if you feel sore or can’t take the swelling.

Skincare professionals advise most patients to get some rest after the procedure, although if you think you can go back to work or school, you are free to do so. You can even go as far as driving your car again, as long as you don’t feel any unpleasant effects post-treatment.

Avoid Exercising and Other Strenuous Activities 

While you can continue your light activities after a few days, it would help to avoid demanding tasks for a whole week. For best results, you should ask your doctor when you can go back to your daily routine completely.

Part of the things to avoid includes sexual activity because depending on the area of your body or face that you got treated, it will also be affected—and you won’t achieve the desired outcome. It’s best to turn to a professional for advice regarding when you can safely go back to doing what you want without restraints.  

Skip Showering for a Given Timeframe

 After a thread lift, you will be advised by your doctor to skip the shower for at least twelve hours following the treatment. When it’s safe to take a bath again, it’s still crucial to avoid affecting the treated region, including rubbing it with a towel.  

You should also avoid other activities that involve contact with water for at least a week, including going swimming, enjoying a sauna, and indulging in a hot tub. Even a professional will tell you to forego your beach plans to avoid getting your treated face or body wet in the meantime.

Don’t Put on Makeup For a While

 If you visit a skincare clinic to get a thread lift, expect to be strongly recommended not to apply makeup on your face for at least forty-eight hours. This is so the treated parts of your face get to breathe and heal on their own. 

Once two days have passed, and you’re back to putting on your makeup routine, you can use it to cover up the remaining bruises left from your thread lift. Don’t forget to keep yourself from rubbing the affected area. 


A thread lift is a skin procedure that can be done alongside other non-invasive treatments to enhance the results and improve your skin. If you’re planning on getting a thread lift, it’s essential to know the kind of treatment you need. It would also help to consider your age and skin condition, determine the short recovery period and other activities to avoid doing and decide the proper skin lifting procedure for you. 

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