Non Surgical facelift

A nonsurgical facelift is a combination of minimally invasive and nonsurgical procedures, designed to rejuvenate and refresh the appearance. Compared with a surgical facelift, these techniques do not require large incisions, general anesthesia or downtime. Two of our most popular options include HIFU and Face threalift.


HIFU stands for high intensity focused ultrasound. It is an innovative, painless and non-invasive way to reduce wrinkles and provide skin lifting that lasts up to two years and is skin-friendly. Highly concentrated ultrasound waves penetrate deep into the skin and stimulate collagen and elastin production resulting in a long lasting lift.

FACE Thread Lifts

Thread lifting is an effective anti-aging treatment that helps to restore our facial contours by lifting sagging tissues and repositioning facial volumes to achieve a more youthful look. 
Thread lift is a versatile and virtually non-invasive procedure that can reduce the appearance of mild to moderate wrinkling and sagging, particularly in the lower part of the face where nasolabial lines start to deepen.

HIFU- High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.

hifu facelift
High Intensity Focused Ultrasound also known ‘Ultrasound Facelift’ or ‘Ultherapy’ has become one of the most sought after lifting treatments for face and neck and is a revolutionary alternative to surgical facelifts .
The key advantages of this treatment are:

Face Thread Lift

An ageing face can manifest itself in several ways; sagging, wrinkles, loss of volume and thinning of the skin. These are some indications we might expect to see good results with thread lift. The loss of elasticity can change the shape of the face and its support structure.

A soft thread lift can improve the appearance of ageing skin through a series of injections in which PDO threads are introduced to the skin, creating a lifting and tightening effect.

thread facelift
hifu technology facelift

HIFU vs Threadlift

HIFU ultilizes high energy ultrasound that lifts and tones the face, neck and eyes resulting in a dramatic yet natural uplift, without needing any surgery. Results is often longstanding.

A thread lift or threading face lift is a simple procedure that involves lifting the skin using sutures that were traditionally only used for surgery. It helps to restore our facial contours by lifting sagging tissues and repositioning facial volumes to achieve a more youthful look.

In conclusion both treatments has it’s own indications and perks, contact us us for a free consultation and facial assessment . Let our experienced doctors help you with the decision !

Ultracel Q+ New Generation HIFU machine

Ultracel Q+ (The Next Generation HIFU with Linear Shot Technology)
  • Quickly induce skin’s natural collagen production
  • Linear shots for bulk heating fat burning
  • Tighten and lift. Reverse Sagging skin
  • Achieve a more defined jawline
  • Reduce double chin
  • Results last 12 – 18 months
  • Able to target sensitive, narrow & shallow spots

How does Ultracel Q+ works?

ULTRAcel combines three highly effective technologies in a single system that can be used in combination or as standalone treatments:
Grid Fractional Radio-Frequency (GFR

Grid Fractional Radio-Frequency (GFR)

The grid fractional radio frequency delivers thermal energy promoting collagen growth and elastin production resulting in a healthy and tighter looking skin.

Fractional Radio Frequency Microneedling (FRM)

Fractional Radio Frequency Microneedling (FRM)

The radio frequency microneedling device delivers heat, which affects collagen in the deeper layers of the skin. This causes deep structures of the skin to tighten, and over time, new and remodelled collagen is produced.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

Ultrasound waves are beamed to a targeted depth of the skin where thermal heat energy treatment stimulates the growth of new healthy collagen for prolonged and more intensive tightening.

Area of treatment

hifu aesthetic treatment

Before and after


hifu Facelift

face threadlift


The biodegradable threads work to lift and contour the face and tighten sagging skin through stimulating the body’s natural regenerative process.
Barbs along the thread act as cogs to grasp, lift and suspend a relaxed facial area. These barbs open like an umbrella to form a support structure that elevates the sagging skin.
The process elicits the growth of new collagen which surrounds the filaments, giving the skin a rejuvenated appearance, which progressively enhances over time.

  • A quick procedure that requires virtually no downtime
  • Enhances skin tone and minimises pores
  • Induces collagen production, tightening and lifting the skin
  • No scarring and minimally invasive
  • A tailor-made treatment which can be adjusted at any time

The result of thread lifting is instant and it is even more noticeable with time as it continues to stimulate collagen production over the next several months. For PDO threads, full absorption usually takes place in 12 months, but the effects of the lift can be further maintained for another 12 to 16 months due to the collagen stimulating characteristics of the threads used, and also depending on individual factors like genetics and lifestyle. Since collagen degradation happens with age, a maintenance procedure is normally recommended annually.


The downtime of face thread lift treatment is dependent on the number and type of threads used for the treatment. The small threads which are inserted in most of the skin areas for stimulating collagen production and tightening skin does not have much downtime. These threads are especially popular among young clients who wish to maintain their young and youthful features.

The longer threads referred to as ‘Cogs’ are inserted into the skin using blunt cannulas for lifting sagging and loose skin similar to that of surgical facelift treatment. These cogs dissolve in skin in almost 9 months and the results lasts for almost 3 years.

You should notice an immediate improvement to your appearance, which will continue over several months as your body produces new collagen and the rejuvenating effects develop.

The duration of results depends largely on the age of patient and how much sagging and loose skin the patient has which needs improvement. In majority of the patients, lasts for almost 2-3 years. With absorption of threads in the skin, the natural production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin is stimulated that improves the texture and tone of skin while tightening it.

The procedure is suitable for most clients from the age of around 25 onwards, when the effects of ageing (thinning tissues due the breakdown of collagen and elastin) start to become apparent. Thread lift is an ideal treatment for those that are looking for a longer-lasting alternative to  fillers.  Fillers can treat fine lines and sagging to a certain extent, but for those that are starting to see early signs of mild to moderate jowling, deepening of the nasolabial lines, or loss of support in the cheeks,  thread lift may be the best form of treatment.


HIFU treatment is painless, as the ultrasonic waves do not affect the surface layers of the skin.

The treatment will directly transfer the ultrasound energy into multiple layers of the treated area to trigger collagen renewal to give a tighter skin. Macro-focused cartridges transfer an equal distribution of ultrasound energy into to the tissue under the skin in the treated area, which will induce contractions as well as natural disposal of stubborn fat cells for contouring purposes.

One session of HIFU treatment will deliver visible effects in lifting and tightening. It will also create new collagen which will help the skin to maintain its youthful glow with the results lasting up to 12-16 months

This treatment usually takes between 20-40 minutes and has no downtime and no side effects, nevertheless some patients could have slight redness and rarely slight swelling for the initial 2 hours after the treatment.

The treatment will cause no disturbance to the patient’s daily routine and patients can apply make up or facial moisturiser immediately after the treatment if they wish to do so

After as little as one session with HIFU therapy, the patient can enjoy a refreshed, lifted, and more youthful appearance immediately after the treatment.
The results will improve with time, as the skin’s Sculptra continues for a few months after the treatment.

In some cases, we combine other treatments with HIFU, depending on the individual cases, condition of the skin and other patients concerns to deliver the best possible desired results.


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