Lip Filler: How Long Do Fuller and Plumper Lips Last?

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A cosmetic surgery called lip filler can give you bigger, plumper lips. What about the duration of lip fillers? What else ought you know before buying them?

Full, luscious lips are trendy right now, thanks to celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Angelina Jolie. The majority of celebs utilise temporary fillers to get that classic look. You might be interested in learning how long lip fillers last if you want to improve your smile.

The truth is that each person’s experience is unique, depending on their metabolism and the type of augmentation they receive. Let’s talk about the longevity of fillers, the variables that determine their longevity, and some other frequently asked questions.

A General Schedule

Lip augmentation procedures are quick, simple, and effective right away. They’re one of the cosmetic procedures people utilise the most frequently today, especially for those who want the perfect lip.

Let’s start by going through the general process. There are four steps:

  • Consultation. You and your facial plastic surgeon will discuss the optimal course of action for you and the degree of desired volume augmentation.
  • Procedure. Injections and surgical augmentation are speedier and less uncomfortable than most other cosmetic enhancements.
  • Recovery. Injections go away in a day or two, but surgery takes a few months to heal fully.
  • Enjoyment. Once you’ve healed, this is the ideal time to try all those new lipstick colours!

Depending on your treatment, that final stage could go on for a time. Next, let’s talk about it.


Injection fillers have a lifespan of no more than six months. We use Juvederm and Restylane to restore volume for as long as it is practical quickly.

We provide these injections in the clinic in only a few minutes. They are made of synthetic hyaluronic acid, which attracts moisture to maintain the appearance of plumpness and pillowiness (just like the ingredient in your favourite day serum!).

Your body will metabolise the hyaluronic acid we utilise on its own. Accordingly, it is implied that injectable fillers will progressively fade over time, usually within a year for most persons. You’ll need to arrange regular visits to keep your new pout looking fantastic.


Surgical fillers last for the rest of your life. Our surgical lip augmentation procedures feature a short recovery period and little discomfort. 

Although surgery is more extensive than injections, it will permanently improve the appearance of natural-looking plumpness when performed by a facial plastic surgeon.

Surgical lip augmentation is ideal if you’ve had injections in the past and are ready for a permanent transformation. 

You can either achieve it by using your fat or surgically repositioning the lip’s edge. Depending on the outcomes you’re looking for, your surgeon will talk about which is ideal for you.

After Procedure Recovery and Maintenance

After obtaining fillers, your lips could feel swollen, painful, or slightly bruised. Allowing them to recuperate and treating them gently are the keys to keeping them looking their best for as long as possible. 

The following suggestions can help them heal:

  • After getting an injection, refrain from using a straw when drinking.
  • Avoid pulling or massaging your lips (you could interfere with the healing process)
  • Avoid lying on your face at night.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol a few days before or after (alcohol can thin the blood and make bruising worse)

A day or two after getting an injection, you’ll start feeling normal again. After surgical augmentation, it might take up to three months for normal sensation to return. Your facial plastic surgeon will provide full instructions on the recovery procedure.

After the injections have healed, you are welcome to continue your regular activities. As usual, you are permitted to chat, kiss, laugh, and move your lips. When rubbing your face, be careful not to overstimulate it since this might speed up the loss of hyaluronic acid.


Lip and dermal fillers can last anywhere from six to eighteen months, depending on the type of filler used. The most important thing to remember is to follow the aftercare instructions provided by your injector, which will help ensure that your lip fillers last as long as possible.

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