Nose Fillers vs. Nose Thread Lift: What You Need to Know

nose filler

The nose is probably one of the facial features that people first look at when they look at you. Among Asian women, a nose with a high bridge and rounded tip is the most coveted. Chinese women are even looking for reliable doctors who can help them have a more defined nose.

Let’s admit it. In this world of innovations and modernisations, many people are always searching for non-surgical procedures to enhance their noses. Of course, they want to achieve that safely and conveniently. Two options are now mostly preferred: nose fillers and nose thread lift.

This guide will definitely help you if you’re planning to have a non-surgical solution to achieve a more defined nose.

What Is a Nose Filler?

A nose filler treatment commonly involves injecting Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers into the skin. It helps sculpt the nose by adding a precise volume to the nose. Nose fillers are made of HA gel, which is safe to use in the body.

After applying local anaesthesia or numbing cream, your doctor will inject the HA fillers into the nose’s tip and bridge to give it a more prominent height and projection. 

Are There Side Effects?

Nose fillers can cause some redness and mild swelling at the injection points. There can also be some bruising. All these side effects are minimal and vanish after a day or two.

There is a possibility of infection when an inexperienced doctor does a nose filler treatment. Other complications, like blindness and skin necrosis, can occur. Despite the fact that such instances rarely happen, it is still vital to have a comprehensive consultation with the doctor. In that way, possible risks can be discussed before carrying out the treatment.

How Long Will the Nose Filler Last?

Typically, a nose filler can last for up to 1 year after the treatment. If repeated in regular intervals, it can last for 36 months, based on the patient’s condition.

What Is a Nose Thread Lift?

Another medical breakthrough when it comes to augmenting the nose is the nose thread lift. It is a non-surgical way that uses polydioxanone (PDO) threads. These threads are absorbable and are 100% bio-compatible.

After applying a local anaesthetic, the doctor will put fine threads along the patient’s nasal bridge to acquire the nose’s height and prominence. The threads are put under the skin to promote an elevation of the nose tip and bridge while the collagen is stimulated in the nose.

You might be wondering how many threads are placed during this procedure. This will be based on the individual. During the initial consultation with the doctor, the nose’s shape and size will be checked to decide how many numbers of threads will be used to achieve the desired result.

Are There Side Effects?

Since the PDO threads are bio-absorbable, they will be broken down within 6-8 months after the treatment. Experiencing swelling and soreness immediately after the treatment is normal. After a few days, these effects will subside on their own.

How Long Will the Nose Thread Lift Last?

The nose thread lift treatment typically lasts for about 1-2 years. The result can be longer if the treatment is repeated nine months after having the first treatment. With proper stimulation of collagen in the nose, you can expect some permanent lifting.


People dreaming to have a more defined nose often ask this question: “Which is better between nose fillers and nose thread lift?” The truth is, there are both risks and benefits associated with each treatment.

Both procedures can help augment the nose successfully; however, some doctors choose to perform a combination treatment. This will help ensure that the patients will enjoy a more beautiful nose with a longer-lasting lift.

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