Our Guide To Dermal Filler Treatments – What You Should Know

Facial derma filler

Some people are blessed with naturally symmetrical features and have smooth skin, full cheeks, or plump lips. For others, flawlessness is attainable with a visit to the doctor. With the many technological advances we enjoy today, it is possible to achieve a gorgeous complexion and look as natural as possible, and one way to achieve this is by using fillers. Here are some things you should know if you are planning on undergoing this procedure.

Dermal Fillers Contain Hyaluronic Acid

Fillers are not the same as neurotoxins, though they might produce the same effect. Botox, Dysport, and other neurotoxins “freeze” muscles, which smooths out the skin. In comparison, fillers use hyaluronic acid on wrinkles, filling them with moisture and making them appear plump and hydrated. Creams or serums also hydrate the skin, but fillers take it one step further by restoring lost volume. Undergoing this procedure helps replenish the body’s hyaluronic acid since its ability to produce this compound naturally diminishes with age.

The Effects You Get From Fillers Can Last For Months

Injectable hyaluronic acid-based fillers are popular because they show visible results after only the first session. This type of filler adds volume and decreases wrinkles, and these results last anywhere from three to six months. There is also evidence that HA injections stimulate collagen production, which helps maintain the skin’s freshness and keeps it looking young in the long run.

Good Dermal Fillers Look Natural And Are Invisible

If you can tell whether or not someone has had dermal fillers, it means their doctor didn’t do as great a job as they could have. Top-of-the-line work is subtle, and doctors who aim for quality also make imperceptibility one of their goals.

A Good Skin Doctor Is Like An Artist

Dermal filler injection is as much an art as it is a science. If you’re getting fillers for the first time, it pays to ask around or research about who does the best work. Ask your doctor or nurse if they can show you before-and-after photos of patients. All practitioners have their techniques and levels of experiences, and they all adhere to a particular philosophy. Before committing to a practitioner, make sure you are aligned in all aspects, not just in what procedure you’ll get.

Make sure that you communicate about everything, from your expectations to the achievable results. Ask them questions about what you should expect in your first few months.

Furthermore, it is alright if you ask about certifications or training they had undergone. Although med spas offer dermal filler procedures, it is best to consult only licenced and trained physicians for it, or any injectable treatment. Dermal filler procedures are generally safe, but as with any invasive procedure, there is a risk for discolouration, lumps, and infection, especially if the person administering it does not know the proper technique.

Dermal Fillers Can Be Both Prevention And Treatment

You do not need to get fillers at the first sign of wrinkles. However, you do not need to be middle-aged to start these treatments. Patients under 30 years old can have cosmetic enhancements like these, and dermatologists agree that starting relatively young is better. For one, they age better than people who didn’t have treatments when they were younger. As with anything that has to do with medicine and health, prevention is better than cure. Keep in mind, though, that there are affordable ways to prevent the signs of ageing like using retinol, wearing sunscreen, and following a good skincare routine.

There Are Dermal Fillers For Various Purposes

Most fillers have hyaluronic acid as their active ingredient. However, this is not the only type of filler available. Different sized particles deliver different results. For example, Restylane Lyft—which has larger particle sizes—are like bricks for a house’s foundation. Since they are larger, they can “rebuild” thinned cheekbones and makes a face look full.

Meanwhile, Restylane Silk, which has a smaller particle size, is better for fine lines and lip plumping. Specialists often mix fillers of different sizes and weights to achieve a more natural-looking result. Your doctor should explain the best treatment plan for your case.

A Bad Dermal Filler Experience Is Reversible

Unlike cosmetic surgery, it does not take a lot of effort to adjust your dermal filler’s look. If you don’t like your fillers’ appearance, you can have it corrected. Your doctor will inject additional filler to balance your features, or she can dissolve the filled parts that appear larger. Hyaluronic acid formulations respond to an enzyme that can dissolve it entirely.

Dermal Fillers Require A Bit Of Investment

Plenty of medical spas have deals enticing people to avail of inexpensive fillers, but it is best to hold a sceptical view of these offers..

Counterfeit and diluted filler could be harmful to your skin and might have unknown side effects. When considering getting treatments, ask if you can see the safety seal on the products they will use. Clinics also price their treatments depending on the amount of filler needed, contact our certified doctors for a free consultation today.

Dermal Fillers Are Not For Everyone

Fillers are safe, but there are times when you would need to forego an injection. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not undergo dermal filler treatments since fillers might have unknown effects on the baby. People who have a sinus infection are also advised to hold off on the treatment. Any infections could spread through the injection site.

Also, avoid getting a dermal filler before any dental treatments. Since these procedures exert pressure and stretch the face, they could misplace the newly-injected fillers. If you must have dental treatments, wait at least a week after your fillers, or have the dental appointment before going to the skin clinic.


With dermal fillers and other skincare procedures, you can stay stunning and gorgeous at any age. Fillers can smooth out wrinkles, give you a fuller face, and keep your looking healthy and vibrant. You are never too young to get on a Filler regimen, and the results are undoubtedly worth it!

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