5 Signs You Should Stop Using a Skin Care Product

woman skin breakout

With all the new skincare products branded with words like “holy grail” and “miracle,” it’s easy to see why so many people buy them. After all, who doesn’t want to achieve fresh, smooth, and young-looking skin?

But more than the online reviews you read and watch, one thing that you should be listening to is your own skin. 

Your skin is unique, and its needs differ from those of the influencers you see online. Truth is, your skin may even have different needs from that of your mom, your sister, or your best friend! 

While skin products take a while to work, some signs tell you you need to stop using a particular skincare product. In this post, Cleo Clinic, your trusted aesthetic clinic in KL, shares telltale signs your skincare product isn’t working for you:

Sign #1: A Horrible Breakout

The most visible sign that a skincare product is not working for you is when you get a breakout of pimples. Breakouts can occur for many reasons, and it’s not at all about the product. It’s also not about your diet, your stress level, or if you’re on your period.

See, acne is a skin condition that often stems from bacterial infections. And when you use products that have ingredients that can clog your pores and worsen your condition, it can lead to more breakouts.

You’ll want to stop using that product right away when this happens.

Sign #2: Irritated Skin

Another telltale sign of a skincare product not working for you is when your skin becomes itchy and uncomfortable.

While all skincare products have different effects on different people, it is still possible to know if you are experiencing adverse reactions from a particular product.

Some products contain ingredients that can cause severe allergic reactions like blistering and swelling. Some can make your face look puffy, too.

Sign #3: Skin That’s Too Tight

Another sign of a skincare product not working is if your skin feels too tight. Some people are confused by this as they think that they need a tightening product. But tightening products are meant to be used only on specific areas like the neck, under the eyes, or around the mouth.

Tightening products usually contain ingredients that help contract and tighten the skin. Overuse can make your skin feel dry and itchy.

Sign #4: Extreme Redness

If you have tried a product that made your skin redder than usual, it’s probably not the best skin care product for you. A product that makes your face redder than usual is usually due to irritation. And while many things can cause skin irritation, it’s usually a sign that a product isn’t working.

Sign #5: Too Much Sting or Pain

Many skincare products contain ingredients that can cause a tingling sensation on your skin. These include ingredients like mint, menthol, and ginger. This sensation is meant to give your skin a refreshing feeling, but if it’s too extreme, it could mean that the product is making your skin feel too dry and sensitive.

If you start feeling pain, it’s best to stop using it. Painful skin is usually a result of allergies to certain ingredients. This can also mean that the product is making your skin red and irritated.


There are many signs to tell if a skincare product is not working for you. What you should remember, though, is that every skincare product works differently for every person. It’s best to be patient and allow a product to work its magic on your skin.

If you think a skincare product isn’t working for you, it’s always best to consult an expert from a reputable skincare clinic. 

Cleo Clinic, your trusted aesthetic clinic in KL,  continues to be the number one aesthetic clinic in Malaysia with expert and professional advice on everything from skincare to acne treatment.