What You Need to Know About the Face Thread Lift Procedure

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Have you been noticing wrinkles and crow’s feet appearing on your face? These tiny things can make you feel insecure, which can affect your confidence level. While aging is something you can’t stop, you can control how you look. Though you might be wary of cosmetic procedures, there are plenty of non-surgical options out there available for people of different needs. There are also procedures available that do not involve the introduction of substances into the body.

If surgery and chemicals are things you want to avoid at all costs, alternative procedures such as thread lifts are perfect for you.

What Is a Face Thread Lift?

The face thread lift is a simple cosmetic procedure where a professional “pulls up” your skin by inserting a medical-grade thread that tightens the loose areas of your face. Your face will continue to produce collagen, which will make your skin healthier and more defined. The threads in your face will fade away as time passes. 

The procedure ensures no surgical cutting or scarring of any kind and uses no fillers or injectables whatsoever. You can have your thread lift done within a few hours and walk away with no healing downtime. 

Targeted Areas

Experts usually look at the common areas where sagging starts, such as the lips, cheeks, neck, and jowls. But every patient receives a customized plan targeting the areas that need the most work.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Thread Lift?

A perfect candidate for a thread lift is someone whose skin has begun to sag—usually people in their mid-thirties and up. However, some patients in their twenties can get treated for sagging skin caused by stress. 

However, this procedure is not suitable for those with very loose skin and wrinkles, usually over fifty. This type of problem usually involves surgery. 

Thread lifts are also not an alternative to reconstructive surgery. If you need something fixed on your face deeper than the skin, such as a broken nose, you have no other reasonable option but surgery.    

Why Get a Thread Lift Instead of Other Procedures?

Thread lifts have become popular over the years because it is safe, effective, and fast. It doesn’t involve injecting chemicals into your face to keep it frozen for a couple of months before requiring another shot. You also get to walk out of the clinic free of surgery scars, and you get to see the effects of the procedure immediately without waiting for it to heal.

Over time your skin will absorb the threads so that you can head back to the clinic for long-lasting effects.


No one can escape the reality of aging, but it is possible to mitigate them in your outward appearance. Face thread lifts are a great alternative to surgery, giving you back that youthful glow without waiting for scars to heal. This procedure is easy and quick, so you’d be able to tell the difference in a short matter of time.

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