5 Crucial Things to Know About Laser Scar Treatment

Scar Treatment

Laser treatment for scars is a popular and effective way to improve the appearance of scars. However, there are a few things you should know before you have laser treatment for your scar.

1. It Won’t Eliminate the Scar

Laser treatment can help to reduce the appearance of a scar, but it will not completely remove it. The laser works by creating a new, less noticeable scar in place of the existing one.

It works to break down the scar tissue, which allows it to contract. This new scar uses old scar tissue as a source of healing, so the appearance of the scar may not be as vibrant as the surrounding skin.

2. The Results Depend Largely on the Person Conducting the Treatment

Laser treatment effectiveness for scars depends on the skill of the person conducting the treatment. Some clinicians use multiple lasers, while others use only one.

The longer a clinic has been operating, the more experience they have had in treating scars. A reputable clinic should be able to provide you with proof of their experience before you sign on to have the treatment. In addition, the doctor you choose must have a medical degree.

3. A Medical Consultation First Is A Must

Before you sign on to have laser treatment for scars, you should always have a consultation with a medical expert. During this consultation, you can discuss your scar with the doctor.

You can discuss your scar’s location and the appearance that you would like to achieve. Also, you can discuss your health and specific conditions that may affect the success of the treatment.

Every scar is different, so it is important that you discuss your scar in detail before you agree to have laser treatment for it.

4. Sun Protection is Important Before and After the Treatment

As with any procedure that removes the outer layer of skin, you must ensure that your skin is protected from the sun before and after your treatment. It is unlikely that you will be able to lay out in the sun for any length of time after the procedure, so you should protect your skin with sunscreen before you have it.

After the treatment, you should continue using sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher every day.

5. Lifestyle Changes Are Important After the Treatment

Your scars may change after the laser treatment for scars, so you need to make some lifestyle changes to ensure that your scars do not change any more than they have to.

While your scars are healing, you should stick to a healthy diet and exercise regime. Stop smoking and always wear sunscreen.

The Bottomline

From minor scars to battle scars, one thing is sure: laser treatment is a good option for improving the appearance of your scar.

While laser treatment will not eliminate your scar entirely, it can alter the texture and colour of the scar. When you know the right clinic to visit, you will be able to get the results you want.

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