Surgery Not an Option? How Thread Lifts are Your Solution


Preserving your natural beauty through cosmetic procedures are a great way to feel good about yourself as you age. However, some procedures are riskier than others, most especially if you’re changing major parts of your face. One way to preserve your youth is through surgical procedures, which are permanent and are quite the gamble. An alternative to this procedure is a thread lift, which you may find a sudden interest for. 

What is a Thread Lift?

A thread lift is a non-invasive procedure that uses absorbable thin sutures to “lift” the muscles that cause wrinkles and fine lines. They are also known as “lunchtime lifts” because they’re so quick and easy that you can get them in your lunch break at work and return to continue with your day!

Difference Between Thread Lifts and Surgery

Thread lifts are non-invasive, which means you don’t have to go under the knife to get them. 

Surgical procedures often require you to follow regimens prior to getting the surgery such as stopping certain medication. You may also need to take time off from work to prepare and recover from it. 

Healing time may take a while before you see the results of the surgery. And in some unfortunate cases, people walk out with results that they aren’t happy with. They’ll have to wait for a few months for everything to fully heal, only to go under the knife again at greater cost. 

Getting a thread lift alleviates those problems. It won’t mess with any medication you’re taking, so there’s no heavy prep work there. It also lives up to its reputation as a quick procedure. One session can usually last 45 minutes at most depending on which and how many areas you want fixed. 

Once the procedure is done, there is little to no aftercare you have to do to make sure it stays the way that it should. At most, professionals will advise you not to wash or rub your skin for 12 hours and avoid too strenuous activities. 

The results don’t start showing until days later. It is also worth noting that thread lifts are not permanent. Therefore, maintaining the effects means going back for more sessions later on.

The Procedure and Risks

Thread lifts don’t use injectable anesthesia, but they do apply a topical anesthetic as well as alcohol over your skin. Experts then insert the sutures in the areas that you want to lift. You will feel little-to-no discomfort in the process.

The side effects of thread lifts, which are usually rare, are redness, bruising, and more visible alterations. If these occur, consult the professional. Some of these go away on their own.


Thread lifts have become increasingly more popular than the surgical alternative because of the effects they produce and the simplicity of the treatment. While they are not as permanent, they do offer the perk of not damaging the natural features of your face. If going under the knife is too much for you, thread lifts offer almost the same effect with little to no risk or regret.

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