Double Eyelids Suture

Double Eyelids Suture

It is very common for Oriental races (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) to have monolids (‘single eyelids’). This is simply a genetic characteristics of these races. Anatomically, this eyelid has an extra fold of skin called the epicanthus in addition to the low position where the eyelid skin is adherent to the underlying structures, combined, these features give the appearance of a ‘single’ eyelid.

Monolids makes the eyes look smaller, and less bright and alert. The eyelashes tend to be angled downwards and inwards and hence make them more invisible. When they start aging, skin laxity and puffiness tend to be more noticeable .Thus, eyelids without a crease tend to age earlier and faster. Double eyelids tend to make the eyes look bigger, brighter, and more youthful, with more visible eyelashes angled more upwards and outwards. All of this results in more attractive eyes. Therefore, it is a general truth that no matter how pretty your eyes may look without double eyelid creases, they will look nicer with the double eyelid crease.

Double Eyelid Suture is a popular noninvasive, non- incisional way of creating natural double eyelid crease by burying suture into the eyelid tissue. It is a fast, almost painless, minimal downtime, scarless procedure.

How is it done?

Is it safe?

It is a very safe ‘lunch time’ procedure with minimal discomfort and minimal downtime by our highly trained doctors in Cleo Clinic.

What to expect during treatment?

Doctors will advise on the most suitable double eyelid crease height which is suitable for your facial features. Markings are made prior to sterilization of the treatment area. Numbing solution will then infused to numb the area. Finally a very fine thread will be sutured and buried to form a nice, natural double eyelid crease.

After the procedure, there will be slight swelling and redness which can last up to 3-7days varies between individuals.





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