How Weight Loss Affects the Face (How Dermal Fillers Help)

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As we get older, our faces lose their natural fullness, like cheeks that soften and jowls that sag. This is normal; however, weight loss can accelerate this ageing process. Before you know it, your skin begins to lose its firmness and elasticity. As a result, fine lines and indentations appear on your face, and loose skin hangs from the surface of your cheeks. You can improve the appearance of these areas with dermal filler injections, a procedure that can correct these flaws after weight loss.

How Weight Loss Affects the Face (How Dermal Fillers Help)

One of the first signs of weight loss is the development of loose skin around your face. Droopy cheeks and sagging skin on the jawline are the most common areas where excess skin appears, although your neck, arms and chest can experience similar effects after weight loss.

How Weight Loss Affects Facial Aesthetics

1 – Sagging Skin

The skin of your face is supported by a layer of fat. Once you lose a significant amount of weight, this fat layer disappears. This can cause the skin of your face to sag, creating a softer, less attractive appearance.

2 – Lines and Wrinkles

Before weight loss, your face contains an even layer of skin. But as you lose weight, your face becomes less uniformly shaped. Skin begins to sag or pulls away from your face, revealing deeper, more visible wrinkles.

3 – Volume Loss

The fat around the cheeks, nose and chin helps to create the illusion of a more voluminous face. Removing fat from these areas through weight loss can make your face look narrower and thinner.

4 – Collapse of Fat Pads

As you reduce your body fat, fat pads begin to collapse. This explains why weight loss is a primary cause of under-eye sagging. This fat layer can be restored with dermal filler injections.

5 – Diminished Cheekbones

One of the first areas that begin to lose fat is your cheeks and jawline. As a result, your cheekbones also decrease in size.

6 – Hollow Cheeks

Along with droopy cheeks and sagging skin, your face may begin to appear hollow, with a sunken appearance below the cheeks. This is because the fat layer that once filled the cheeks has disappeared.

How Dermal Fillers Can Help

Dermal filler injections can prove to be a great option for people who have lost weight. As mentioned, you can use the procedure to restore plumpness to your cheeks and the volume of your lips. Furthermore, dermal filler injections can be effective in treating hollows in your cheeks and jowls. You can also use dermal fillers to soften deep, dark lines that appear on the area just above your upper lip.


While weight loss is a healthy and effective way to improve your life, you may also discover that it affects your face. As you age, your face naturally loses volume and can begin to sag. Simply put, weight loss can accelerate these changes. Fortunately, dermal filler injections can help restore your face’s natural volume and contours.

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