What Is the Right Age to Get a Dermal Filler?

woman getting dermal filling

Signs of ageing appear in various ways. Some of the most visibly noticeable signs are wrinkles, lost volume, and soft creases in the face. Fortunately, many different treatments exist today to enhance and restore the lost volume and facial contours of the face. One of the most popular is dermal fillers. If you have been thinking about undergoing this treatment but are not sure when the best time to do so is, this article will help you determine the level of dermal filler that is suitable for you.

What Is the Best Age to Get Dermal Fillers?

The main concern for some is age; is it the right time for you to have some dermal fillers? Most people think that dermal fillers are supposed to be for people in their 40s and above. The great news is that age does not matter when it comes to such treatments. Remember, people age differently. Some can lose their facial volume at an early age because of genetics.  

Cosmetic treatments have no age inclusivity. As long as you are qualified and need it, you are free to do so. Here are some common dermal filler treatments people usually get based on their age group to give you an idea. 

People in their 20s to 30s

  • Cheek and Jaw: Some people experience signs of ageing faster than others. There are people in their 20s and 30s who already have weakening bone structures on their face, primarily due to genetics. If you have the same concern and want to improve your appearance, you can ask for dermal fillers on the cheek and jaw to add volume to these areas.
  • Lips: Another popular among the youth today is making the lips more pronounced, plumper, and fuller through fillers. 

In their 30s and 40s

  • Forehead Lines, Under-Eye Areas, and Deep Wrinkles: For people in this age group, dermal fillers is more about prevention. As much as possible, they want to minimise the signs of ageing at their age. They use the treatment to remove the visible signs of sagging skin, return the lost volume, improve wrinkles and the like. Doing this can retain a more youthful appearance for a longer time. 

In their 40s and Above

  • Forehead and Crow’s Feet, Cheeks, Etc: The skin’s collagen and elastin production will slow down by this age. As a result, people’s faces may look thin and hollow. This age group is when dermal fillers are most helpful. By undergoing this simple treatment, people could get firm, tight, and smooth skin fast. It can remove deep lines and improve their deflated cheekbones once again.


Anyone can get dermal fillers at any age, but make sure that you consult first with a board-certified dermatologist or a medically-trained skin consultant. They would examine your skin condition and provide you with a treatment plan that goes well with your concerns and current skin conditions. Simply put, there is no best age group as people’s needs vary. If you believe dermal fillers can be helpful to you, then book a consultation with us.

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