Benefits of CO2 Laser: What Can You Expect from It?

co2 laser

Presently, you’d see a plethora of effective skincare procedures and treatments that can significantly help you slow down and minimize signs of aging. These can also improve the overall condition of the skin. 

From applying over-the-counter topical creams to actual dermatological procedures that you can get from a professional,  they all offer desirable benefits for patients. Face laser treatments, in particular, are getting more popular as they are considered highly sophisticated and effective. 

In this post, we are going to focus on CO2 Laser Technology and its benefits:

Overview of the Fractional CO2 Laser Technology

The CO2 laser is a cutting-edge technology developed further from previous laser technology.

CO2 laser technology is a type of laser treatment used in dermatology and cosmetic surgery clinics. It is used to treat different skin-related conditions, including acne scarring and acne.

How It Works

The fractional CO2 laser is more versatile than its predecessor. Its laser beam energy is delivered in a small micron-sized area, cutting out and vaporizing only a part of the skin.

This means that some degree of damage is made to the tissue, which helps in the healing process and cellular regeneration. This laser can be adjusted to different skin types and help create layers. This results in gradual but positive results that are optimal.

It is suitable for people with oily skin and oily skin types, as it stimulates the skin to absorb and retain moisture.

This laser helps in improving skin texture and also treats acne scarring.

What to Expect from This Treatment

The treatment must be done by a dermatologist or other medical practitioner who is well experienced with this laser technology.

The treatment is painless, and this laser doesn’t harm the epidermis. This laser uses the water and oxygen molecules in the skin to produce steam. The skin is then treated with a controlled beam of the CO2 laser.

The treatment is felt as a warm sensation. The procedure itself is not very long. It may take half an hour or so.

The Benefits of CO2 Laser Treatment

The CO2 laser treatment helps you get a fresh and more youthful appearance, which is desirable for anyone. This can remove fine lines and wrinkles from the skin and tighten the pores.

This laser technology can also tighten the facial muscles and lift the facial skin. It can also treat dark spots and pimples, as well as give you a glowy and healthy appearance.

Patients can expect significant results from a series of treatments rather than a single treatment. It is important to note that laser treatment doesn’t give you a “quick fix.” It will take some time before you can see drastic improvements in your skin.


The CO2 laser is one of the more superior laser technologies that you can get in a skin clinic.

Although it is more expensive, this is an excellent alternative to other treatment options in the market. It is effective in treating different skin conditions, including acne scars.

This face laser treatment is more versatile and precise since the laser beam is delivered in a small area. Patients can expect to get significant results from a series of treatments which means you’ll have to go through repeated treatments in order to appreciate the results that you want.

This is also a very popular skin treatment that is continually being researched and developed.

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