Restore Your Youthful Glow: What You Need to Know About Profhilo

woman with a youthful in the sun

Once we start seeing fine lines on our faces or feel like our skin lacks lustre, we want to up our skin laxity and find ways to bring back our youthful glow. One of the best ways to deal with these skin issues, which is also gaining popularity today, is Profhilo.

A non-surgical treatment that addresses wrinkles, facial lines, texture, tone, and lack of hydration, Profhilo is a go-to treatment for many people showing visible signs of skin ageing. The reason practitioners and patients love this treatment is because of its effectiveness, allowing you to see results in a short time. But what is it really?

This article will dive deeper into what Profhilo treatment is — what happens during the treatment, and the results you can expect. Let’s get to it!

What Is Profhilo Treatment?

As mentioned earlier, Profhilo treatment is a non-surgical treatment that targets visible signs of skin ageing. Concentrated hyaluronic acid is injected into your skin and gives your skin’s tissues a hydration boost, allowing your skin to regenerate quickly. This is why people are satisfied with the results when they get Profhilo treatment since their skin gets more firm and supple. 

However, many people think that Profhilo treatment is a derma filler, but it actually isn’t. Instead, what it does is hydrates and moisturises your skin from the inside, encouraging your skin to remodel and address sagging tissue. After treatment, you’ll notice a more natural and youthful glow. 

Why Is Hyaluronic Acid Included?

Our bodies naturally produce hyaluronic acid and are found in our skin and connective tissue. Basically, its job is to ensure that we’re getting enough moisture in the parts of our body where we need it most. Besides that, it also gives our skin elasticity, allowing our skin to stay firm, which aids in recovery and healing. 

Unfortunately, when we age, we go through multiple body changes, and one of them is the decreased production of hyaluronic acid. This is because our bodies are exposed to various environmental factors that suck the moisture out of our skin, such as sun exposure and heating. For this reason, people need to “top up” their hyaluronic acid levels.

What Goes On in a Profhilo Treatment?

Using high concentrations of hyaluronic acid, Profhilo strategically targets areas where it needs it most. Usually, the appointment would take about 30 minutes, and you get at least two treatments that are four weeks apart for much better results. 

If you’re worried about the pain and recovery, you’d be happy to know that you won’t be experiencing any downtime after getting the procedure. Also, the treatment lasts longer than the naturally occurring substance, giving you visible results between three to 12 months. 

What Results Can I Expect After Profhilo Treatment?

Because Profhilo treatment encourages collagen and elastin production, you can expect that your skin will regenerate naturally and remodel ageing skin. After treatment, you’ll notice that your skin is firmer and has improved elasticity. 

The Bottom Line: Profhilo Treatment Is a Fantastic Way to Treat Visible Signs of Skin Ageing

If you woke up today and noticed visible lines and wrinkles, it’s time to book an appointment and get Profhilo treatment for your skin. This non-surgical treatment can give you long-term results without having to worry about downtime and recovery. Bring back your youthful glow today and give your skin that much-needed elasticity and hydration boost!

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