Why You Should Choose Profhilo Over Other Cosmetic Treatments

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Through the years, the cosmetic industry has offered numerous results to people dreaming of achieving beauty and amazing skin. They introduced various arrays of injectable treatments, from Juvederm treatments to lip fillers.

But if you’ve already tried the well-known procedures and they don’t seem to provide you with the results you want, you can consider another solution—Profhilo. It consists of a hyaluronic acid that is used to boost skin hydration and texture, working from the outside and settling deep into the skin to give you that youthful glow even more effectively.

You don’t have to worry about feeling any pain nor spending a significant amount of time at the clinic because a typical Profhilo procedure lasts for only about twenty minutes! Since it’s considered a lunchtime treatment, you can jump back to your daily routine afterwards.

Keep reading below to find out the reasons to get on board the skin bio-remodelling treatment that’s taking over the town.

Profhilo Contains a Proven Formula

Profhilo contains two kinds of hyaluronic acid, which are completely safe and pure to give patients the best results. It serves as a skin booster with an ability to stay in your skin for up to twenty-eight days while providing the appropriate hydration you need.

Profhilo Offers Biocompatible Results

If you’re concerned about your safety with the various choices of fillers in Malaysia to try out, you can rest assured with a Profhilo procedure. The injection used during the treatment contains 100% hyaluronic acid, which means there are no other chemicals involved. Besides that, it’s biocompatible, which means your facial tissues won’t be affected during the process!

Profhilo Provides the Highest Concentration

The filler procedures you can find in the market all have different variations of hyaluronic acid. With Profhilo, since it fuses low-molecular-weight HA with high-molecular-weight HA, your skin receives the highest concentration possible due to how the formula was processed.

Profhilo Delivers Patented Solutions

If you’re wondering about the credibility of Profhilo, it’s safe to say that the procedure is tested and manufactured by a premier beauty clinic in Switzerland called IBSA Pharma. They made sure to utilise patented advanced technology to bio-ferment the HA contents of Profhilo to give patients long-lasting outcomes.

Profhilo Holds Natural Healing Factors

Compared to other kinds of cosmetic treatments, skin bio-remodelling is different because it serves as a way for your skin to undergo changes regarding its appearance and texture. With a Profhilo procedure, you can expect to witness the hydration, elasticity, and moisture of your face to improve significantly. It works to encourage collagen and elastin production to repair your skin cells naturally.

Profhilo Takes Care of Your Skin Problems

The noticeable signs of ageing can differ for each person, but typical skin issues involve a dry texture, loosening skin, and apparent dullness. Profhilo works to revitalise your skin, addressing each of your skin concerns and replacing it with firm and glowing skin.

Profhilo Doesn’t Require a Recovery Period

A typical Profhilo procedure involves the use of small injections which are used five times on each side of your face. The treatment lasts for several minutes, and you will barely experience any bruising. As a result, you aren’t required to undergo a recovery period and can go on with your day as usual.

If red bumps do occur on the affected region of your face, you can expect them to disappear in under two hours.


Profhilo is an aesthetic procedure that offers some of the best features to provide patients with a skin regime that shows promising results. Due to how the treatment was formulated, you can expect your skin issues to be taken care of without the need to experience downtime, allowing you to resume your daily routine as usual!

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