You Need to Know These about Thread Facelift Treatment

face thread lift

In the past, treatments such as skin resurfacing were the only options to reduce jowls and sagging cheeks. If a patient was not willing to go under the knife, few other remedies could change the appearance of these problem areas. 

While facelift surgery is an effective procedure, not everyone is willing to commit. However, you should consider a nose thread lift if you’re interested!

What It Is

In general terms, a thread lift clinic involves Polydioxanone (PDO) sutures that lifts the skin subtly but visibly. It entails repositioning and approximating loose skin, lifting and tightening the face and neck. It also helps fight ageing by triggering the body’s healing response and releasing collagen in the areas where the thread lift is applied.

Collagen is a significant component of connective tissues that supports other factors contributing to skin health and elasticity. It aids in healing wounds and keeping the skin firm, young, and supple. As we get older, the body’s ability to produce collagen diminishes. 

This results in a considerable reduction in skin thickness by the age of seventy, and the weakened skin can no longer support the other tissues properly. Therefore, gravity pulls the skin downwards and stretches it out.

The new collagen may restore hydration and reduce skin laxity. People who opt for a thread lift may notice gradual skin tone and firmness improvements after the operation, especially those who underwent a nose thread lift.

The Benefits


Many people want to combat the early signs of ageing, but few wish to undergo traditional facelift surgery. Therefore, thread lifts are appealing as they can participate in a single-appointment treatment with no lengthy recovery time. 

Patients can resume their routines right after treatment with no need to worry about scheduling follow-up appointments.

Immediate Tightening

A facelift thread involves the surgeon applying a temporary suture through the skin of the face and then lifting the skin to a more youthful position. The lifting effect is immediate, but the suture dissolves over time. As it does, it releases a gradual supply of growth factors to support long-term renewal and collagen production.

Many patients prefer thread facelift because it offers immediate tightening and progressive results in the days following a nose thread lift, with outcomes getting better over time. They will start looking more relaxed and rested over weeks.

Customisable and Flexible Treatment Options

A wide range of PDO threads is available, meaning patients can have customised outcomes. In addition, threads can be injected into the facial tissue from multiple directions, so cosmetic surgeons can use threads to address the unique patient’s needs or aesthetic goals. 

Combining a thread facelift with other minimally invasive procedures, such as injectable fillers, anti aging injections, and laser resurfacing, makes for a comprehensive rejuvenation treatment plan.

Thread lift is a popular new-generation cosmetic procedure that significantly reduces recovery time and offers long-lasting results. Instead of general anaesthesia, patients undergo local anaesthesia.

The Potential Risks

Most patients experience little or no pain following the treatment. Many report feeling better shortly after their procedure, with some discomfort relieved within hours. 

There is some risk of bruising and swelling as with any surgery, but these side effects are usually mild and last only a few days. If the sutures protrude from the skin or move under it, the doctor might remove them. 

Always Thread Carefully

A thread lift can leave a patient feeling self-conscious about how they look. However, those who opt for a thread lift will see immediate results with no downtime and no need for recovery. It is not surprising that thread lifts have become a popular alternative for many looking for a less invasive procedure.

But as with any medical procedure, thread carefully. Get treatment from registered and legitimate practices such as Cleo Clinic! We are a practice that offers services in microdermabrasion, microneedling, nose thread lifts, pigmentation, signature peel, V-shape facial rejuvenation, and more. Book your appointment now!